Torch USB Microphone

The microphone comes with more features than you’d expect, including control over your audio, the ability to mute in one swipe, and a built-in music light show. The $100 Roccat Torch USB microphone operates with ease and provides a studio-grade listening experience.

The Roccat Torch delivers a high-quality audio experience and offers a number of ease-of-use features that make it a great buy for anyone who wants to record streams or who needs an upgrade for their home or small business office. The gadget works with Windows and Mac computers, and it’s compatible with popular services such as Mixer, Discord, and BlueJeans.

Roccat Torch Measuring only 6.5 inches long, it’s compact and portable and has a built-in USB cable for easy setup. The Torch’s gesture-activated mute function also adds an extra layer of convenience.

RGB lighting for a sleek look, along with an in-line remote that removes the need to reach for your PC or mobile device. The Roccat Torch has a ton of cool features and great performance, but it’s really affordable.
At AmazonApprox. $99