samurai armor

samurai armor Arise, warrior! You have been called to arms and it is your duty as a member of the samurai caste in society. This samurai armor full suit will shield you from harm with its elaborate design that includes oversized shoulder pads for extra protection against assaults on both blades or bullets alike; knee guards make sure nothing gets through their defense while also providing stability.

when walking down hallways demanding respect (or trying not to look like an overconfident fool); the helmet comes equipped with a faceplate protecting eyesight at all times – no matter how close things may seem. samurai armor

Samurai armor for sale. This suit of Samurai armor dates from between 1840 and 1880. It is made up of several sections: The main body section is a do or cuirass, futuristic samurai armor it’s made from plates linked by strips covered in lacquer with empty holders for front crests on either side – perfect if you want to terrify your enemies!.
Samurai costume armor face mask has been decorated using ugly features that will surely enrage any foe while extra protection can be found at neck curtain joints along with Shoulder Guards also comprised of small metal pieces laced together into pairs making them strong enough against blows without being cumbersome
A great find would have this magnificent getup complete

You never want to be caught off guard. You can’t always see what’s coming and if it hits you, the pain will make all those bruises hurt a lot less! Guard your body with these thigh guards or calf protection from Impact Ready Gear today- they use an innovative combination of chain mail armor along with hard plastic plates for maximum safety during any activity

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