A & R 12” Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone - Enlarges

A & R 12” Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone is a great, inexpensive way for your elderly loved ones to get the best view of their smartphone or tablet screen. This magnifier is adjustable to various angles to provide the perfect view. It prevents eye strain and protects your eyes from any possible problems.

This magnifier is used by people who are unable to see the small blue dot on their phones or people who have difficulty reading small print. This accessory can be placed on the top of the phone so that you are able to view items more clearly.

The adjustable angle allows you to choose the right position so that you can enjoy your phone to the full The magnifier is a good gift for children and elderly people. It helps them protect their eyes from the strong light. It has a good and beautiful appearance, which is suitable for daily use. The magnifier is a high-quality product and the perfect gift for your family

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