pillow cube

The pillow cube is a comfortable and versatile pillow to improve the way you sleep. This pillow is designed to give you better alignment for your neck as well as better alignment around your elbows and shoulders. The better position your body is in, the better sleep you’ll have.

The lightweight design is enhanced with asymmetrical shapes to make it easier to sleep on your side by offering proper support for your head and alignment for your neck. With your body peacefully and comfortably passed on

Two natural latex pillow-sized cubes offer the perfect night’s sleep for side sleepers. The pillow cube lays flat; then when positioned to follow the natural curve of your neck, provides ideal spinal alignment. The Pillow Cube is organic, washable, and has enhanced fill, giving you the comfort you deserve. These are best Gifts for your Wife or Stepmom or your Husband.

You knew that after a long day of work, you weren’t going to get any relief until bedtime that night. What if there were a way to comfortably sleep on your side while you’re at work while traveling on a long flight, or while you’re stuck in a boring situation at a cocktail party? Well, there is a way to get rid of the day-long pains called Pill.

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