jewelry is the weakness of any woman Especially Asian Women. Women love to Buy new jewelry and wear it to new jewelry. we found the best Special Handmade customized Bracelet Especially for Women. This Bracelet is made with customize name what are u want.

This is 16K Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Plated hand-made Bracelet. This is a Personalized name as per your Demand. This Handmade customized Bracelet is special occasion Gifts for your loved one like, Wedding & Brides made Gifts, Seasonal (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day) & Birthday Gifts, Graduate gifts.

This is available in multi-size but Common Size (1.2″ x 0.07 Pendant) and Chain size  7.5 inches without Bar. you can Customize the size when you place an order through Custom Request.

Customize what you want accordingly to Style, like, names, custom messages, Numbers (Special date, phone number, gift card, birthday)

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