Electric toothbrush Charger

The Electrictooth brush Charger is the only plastic charger cord that you need to replace your old and damaged power chargers. The charger is made of food-safe plastic materials. Providing the best replacement power charger cord for your device. Waterproof Design – Fully sealed and waterproof design, IPX7 grade waterproof and dust-proof. Easy to clean and it can be used in the bathroom and other humid environments.

We have the perfect solution for you. Simply plug in your phone to our lightning connector, and you’re good to go. worry about running out of battery again. Charge your electric toothbrush with our waterproof charger. Designed to charge your electric toothbrush, this charger is fully sealed and waterproof, meaning you can use it in the bathroom.

That’s why we created the Electric Toothbrush Charger, a convenient and multifunctional charger that can charge your electric toothbrush and other USB-operated devices. The Electric Toothbrush Charger has a built-in power adapter and works with any USB port or plug.

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