Ceramic Mug and Heater

The Ceramic Suit Mug with Heater is not just for coffee. You can enjoy your favorite drink of any kind while at work, on the go, or at home. The mug’s heating element is designed to keep your beverage at your desired temperature all day long while it looks great in your car, office or on your desk.

This self-warming mug is not only a stylish way to keep your drink warm.The ceramic mug and heater duo is perfect for keeping your beverage warm, while charging your phone. The self-warming mug features a lid for heat conservation, and the warming pad doubles as a wireless phone charger to keep you connected all day long. This set includes 1 mug and 1 heating pad; it’s the perfect gift for family, friends, or yourself.

The mug comes with a lid for added heat conservation, and the warming pad is perfect for keeping coffee, tea or hot chocolate warmly.The heating pad is waterproof and provides a cool to warm temperature. It has a power cord that plugs into the wall and it can be used as a heat pad or as a warmer for your coffee.

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