burger spatula

This burger spatula is the secret to making the perfect burger. Its curved support pieces will help hold your burger in place and smash it to your desired size. Hitting the right level of the surface so the hamburger is no longer in a one-piece is a great way to ensure consistency in thickness, and make sure that your cooking surface remains in a cleaner condition. Holds up well during hot oil use.

This burger spatula also has a wide design for scraping up all your yummy browned burger bits. The Burger Spatula is a quality tool for flipping burgers and grilling the perfect, thin meat patty without exposing hamburger meat to an iron skillet or cutting board.

The thin metal spatula with integrated catching plate attaches securely to the cutting board, tabletop, or handle of a large, strong spatula and allows for easy flipping and ample gripping and leverage. The thin size and shape make this instrument particularly suited to thin meat like hamburger meat. you can achieve an absolutely perfect burger, without any tears. This burger spatula you can use at any party or outdoor camping.This is the best gifts for Tent and Camping Lover.

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